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The Kitsap County “Right To Farm” Campaign

Kitsap County’s mix of urban and rural lifestyle can often conflict when an agricultural enterprise is encroached on by our rapidly expanding urban growth. We all love our Kitsap way of life with pastoral expanses of grazing livestock and farmer’s fields. Agricultural enterprises are growing in Kitsap County, as more and more people are recognizing the ability and tradition of growing their own food on their acreage. Some even have surplus to sell at our many and diverse Farmer’s markets. We feel the right to farm should be protected from unnecessary complaints and frivolous rules & regulations that defy common sense. Kitsap County is the only Western Washington county that does not protect its agricultural community with Agricultural Zoning, hence the need for a comprehensive Right to Farm Ordinance.

Even though you may not have a farm we are asking for citizen support to continue Kitsap County’s farming heritage.

Farmland can only exist as long as we protect the farmer and the farmer’s way of life. The enterprise must be viable for it to continue and succeed. No Farms, No Food.”

Thanks for your help.

The goal of the Kitsap County Right to Farm Campaign
is to pass legislation that would direct Kitsap regulatory authorities
to recognize and protect the value of existing and future farms
and ranches and work with the WSU Kitsap Extension,
Kitsap Conservation District and other applicable local
and regional agricultural and farming interests.